Thursday, February 6, 2014

A mounting Venom

Sure he drools and grunts and growls all the time, but Venom has some other quite evident qualities that makes the ladies melt :D

The Superior Race

No don't worry. Our beloved Walkira didn't turn evil all of a sudden. This is a still from the upcoming movie trilogy she is staring in, on The Island ofcourse.
Will she survive the savage raping? Ofcourse, this is just movie 2 of the 3 :D

My Secret Santa?

Maia finally finds out who is her special secret santa ... that bears massive gifts for her ...

I can see through you ...

Literally ...

Monday, September 2, 2013

Perfect Vacation

Indeed Maia is having one.
This beaches really provide everything a tourist wants nowdays! :D
Best ... SunLotion ... Ever!

Le countess

Any of you that are familiar with Mr. Sinister, shall know that he is from the 19th century and he seems to miss corsets and proper ladies ... in this case Maia squating on a massive dildo, taking care of his pale cock and downing load of cum that soon will come out of it:)
Like that my dear, don't mutter with your mouth full of cock.
It's always a pleasure to work with Teri and her characters! :)

She comes in handy

In a single word, if Maia would have to describe her living arrangement in Amora's apartment ... that would be "Handy"
Elbow deep they say...
This is for sure one of the best looking render I did so far.
The softness of the ladies skin totally strikes me.